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Expert advice & binocular reviews of Nikon, Steiner, Bushnell & more. We review all best binoculars & spotting scopes for birdwatching, hunting & sport events.

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We have comprehensive information about the best birdwatching, hunting, marine, waterproof, giant, and other types of binoculars.

Investing in new binoculars is a serious decision. Thankfully, is here to help you research the best binoculars for your needs, find them at the cheapest price, and make the right decision when buying new binoculars or spotting scopes.

But first–why do you need detailed binocular reviews?

Where can we begin? The options facing you when buying a new pair of binoculars or spotting scopes is endless!

First, you have dozens of manufacturers; from Nikon, Canon, Bushnell, Steiner, Celestron & others.

Then there are different types of binoculars: you have waterproof, giant, child binoculars, marine, hunting, night vision binoculars etc.

And each of these categories again has countless focal lengths. You have 10×25 binoculars, zoom binoculars, 10×50, wide angle (8×42 or 7×50). The options before you are endless!

We know how easy it is to get lost when navigating confusing terms, categories, and model types. The last thing we want is for you to research binoculars and spotting scopes and end up buying the wrong model that doesn’t meet your needs and/or is overpriced.

Why All Best

backpacker with lightweight binoculars is here with researched information & reviews on all you can think of that’s related to the best binoculars and spotting scopes. What does that mean for you?

Spend some time with us, read our honest, professional reviews, and avoid making a hasty decision that will leave you a few hundred dollars broke and with a pair of binoculars that won’t meet your needs.

Not only will you find binocular reviews of all the major brands–we also let you in on the best binoculars & spotting scopes produced by lesser known companies that make amazing outdoor optics & lenses.

If you really want to use the information on to your fullest advantage, you need to know what your needs are.

What does this mean? Well…

  • How do you plan to use your binoculars or spotting scopes? Are you a hunter? Do you need birding binoculars? Are you looking for the best binoculars for your kids? Do you need waterproof or marine binoculars?
  • Where will you be using them? Do you need zoom binoculars to give a wide range? Do you want digital camera binoculars so that you can take pictures of what you see?
  • What about the lenses? Do you need wide angle binoculars, like 7x35mm? Do you need long lens binoculars, like 10x50mm?

Next, you need to examine the price, weight and versatility of different models. Will they meet your needs?

Remember, like everything in life, even the priciest models don’t necessarily mean the best binoculars. On the same hand, if you buy the cheapest binocular, you might end up spending more in the long run as you’re buying a new binocular year after year. provides you with expert spotting scope & binocular reviews and ratings that will help you make the best choice when buying a new pair of binoculars.