Bynolyt Binoculars Review: Waterproof & Excellent Birdwatching Binocs

My favorite binocular is the Bynolyt binocular, which I bought in the Netherlands, but it is available in the USA too. I love the fact that this binocular is not heavy at all and you can look with this one very far. The only fact I do not like is the color. The color is kind of green and brown, like a swamp.

It does work well in the rain, even though I do not go out to watch birds (that is what I do with my binocular) often. That is probably also the answer on the next question.

Yes, Bynolyt Binoculars works very well for birdwatching. I have watched birds for 6 years now (still with the same binocular) and it never gave me any problems. The only game I watched with my binocular was a basketball game and Yes it worked well.

The Bynolyt binocular is the best binocular I have ever had!

About Perry

Perry Rosenbloom is the Binocular Dude. He's been an avid birdwatcher since he was 5 years old and bird watching with his Grandpa. You can learn more about him here.

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