Best Birding Binoculars: Reviews & Ratings of Bird Watching Binoculars

Our experts provide unbiased ratings on the best birding binoculars. Reviews include Bushnell, Leica, Pentax, Nikon & other bird watching binoculars.

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Pentax DCF Binoculars

pentax dcf binoculars

Pentax DCF binoculars are a fine pair of birding binoculars, but you don’t want to use them near water or for stargazing. Learn more with our review

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Vanguard 10×42 Spirit ED Binocular Review

vanguard spirit ed 10x42 binoculars

The Vanguard Spirit ED 10×42 binoculars are a pair of lightweight, durable binocs that are ideal for bird watching & observing other wildlife.

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Steiner Merlin 10×42 Binoculars: Lightweight, Powerful & Resilient

10x42 merlin

The Steiner 10×42 Merlin Binoculars aren’t perfect; they aren’t waterproof & the strap isn’t great. Everything else about them is more than impressive.

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Birds of the Caribbean: Birding Guide to Bermuda, Aruba & Jamaica

birds of the caribbean

Caribbean birdwatching is spectacular. White sands, turquoise water–who could ask for more? Learn the various Caribbean Birds with our Birds of the Caribbean

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Great Florida Birding Trail Review: Best Spot for Florida Birding

florida birding trail

Do you love bird watching in Florida? So do we! Learn why the Great Florida Birding Trail is one of the best spots for bird watching in the Sunshine State!

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Best Birding in Texas: Top 5 Texas Birding Spots & Trails

birding in texas

Discover the best 5 spots for birding in Texas! We walk you through the best bird watching in Texas, from the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail to Austin, TX

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Best New Hampshire Birding Spots: Bird Watching in NH

new hampshire birding

New Hampshire’s expansive forests make New Hampshire birding some of the best bird watching in the US. Our experts walk you through the best bird watching in NH

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Best Birdwatching Holidays: Ideas for Local & Global Birding Vacations

birdwatching holidays

Fantasizing about upcoming birdwatching holidays? Read our guide to planning the best birding vacations—from the Great Texas Birding Trail to Costa Rica

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Canon Binoculars IS 10×30: Reviews of Canon IS 10×30 Binoculars

canon binoculars is 10x30

Canon Binoculars IS 10×30 gives an image stabilized view so you never miss the action from hand shake. Learn more with our review of Canon IS 10×30 binoculars

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Best Canon IS Binoculars: Reviews of Canon Image Stabilized Binoculars

canon is binoculars

The best Canon IS binoculars are ideal for astronomy or shaky hands. Our experts provide detailed reviews of Canon Image Stabilized binoculars for your research

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