Best Tasco Binoculars: World Class, Marine & Night Vision Binoculars

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Looking for cheap, top-notch binoculars? Discover the best Tasco binoculars with reviews of Tasco World Class, Compact, Marine & Night Vision binoculars.

A great deal has been said about Tasco outdoor optics and other products made by the company during the last decade or two (and much of it not very good), but the fact remains: Tasco binocs are some of the best on the market.

Begun more than half a century ago by George Rosenfield, Tasco has been in the business of creating and selling fantastic outdoor optics for a much shorter period of time than some of the biggest names in the industry (like Nikon and Pentax binoculars), but they’ve still managed to stay near the top of the heap.

Best Tasco Binoculars: Reviews of Popular Models

Tasco offers two dozen binoculars in four different lines, giving you a good range of designs to choose from. Here’s a brief rundown of those four model categories.

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Tasco World Class Binoculars

These Tasco compact binoculars are highly affordable. But just because they’re cheap, that doesn’t mean they’re cheaply made. With quality designs and precise construction, these Tasco binoculars are worth much more than their price tags suggest.

Tasco Essentials Binoculars

Tasco Essentials binoculars are made for the great outdoors. Tough, powerful, and built to withstand water, dust, and dirt, the Tasco Essentials lineup is perfect for hunters, hikers, and wildlife viewers on the move.

Tasco Offshore Binoculars

Made specifically for the boater in mind, the Offshore series of Tasco marine binoculars are fully waterproof and feature BAK-4 prisms. There are four models in this line (one of which comes with a built-in rangefinder and a compass) and all of them are perfect for water-bound activities.

Tasco Sierra Binoculars

Tasco Sierra binoculars are great foul weather products, able to withstand a variety of terrible outdoor conditions, all while giving you the best in advanced optics and superior design. Whether in snow, rain, wind, or dust, Tasco Sierra binoculars are your perfect companion.

Within these series, you’ll find binoculars suited to your every need, including a fine array of Tasco night vision binoculars and Tasco monoculars.

Focus on Tasco Sierra Binoculars

If you need wildlife binoculars, take a closer look at the Tasco Sierra binoculars. These are products that work superbly well in even the worst weather conditions.

These fantastically durable Tasco binocs come in four different models and feature these great attributes:

  • Fully water and fog proof
  • Both compact and full-size models
  • Multi-coated optic design
  • Easy to access central focusing knob

Because there are only four different units to choose from, the variety of magnifications and objective lens diameters isn’t extraordinary. These features can be observed in the name of each pair of binoculars.

The number before the X is the magnification (how many times bigger an object is from its natural state) and the number after the X is the objective lens diameter (bigger objective lenses offer more light transmission and cleaner images, but make the models heavier).

The magnification range for Tasco Sierra binoculars starts at 8x (the 8×25) and goes up to 12x (the 12×50). The object lens diameters span from 25mm (in the 8×25) to 50mm (in the 12×50 model).

The bottom line is that these are high powered binoculars, perfectly suited for any outdoor condition. If you are on the hunt for some great nature-viewing binoculars that are affordable, check the Sierra binoculars out.

Tasco Binoculars: Range of Abilities

Let’s broaden our view and take in the details of the whole lineup of Tasco binocular products.


The magnification array is quite large, ranging from the compact Essentials 7×32 model to the gargantuan Essentials 10-30×50 pair. The range covers both fixed and variable magnification models, giving you a great selection of options.

Field of View

What you see through the lenses of your binoculars is the Field of View (F.O.V.). Measured in feet, the F.O.V. tells you how much you can see from 1,000 yards away. Tasco’s selection of binoculars have a much wider F.O.V. range than other companies, giving you models with an F.O.V. as little as 158 feet (16×32 Tasco binoculars) and as high as 500 feet (Tasco 7×35 binoculars).

Objective Lens

The objective lens diameter range in binoculars from Tasco is standard. The smallest you’ll find is 21mm (in the compact Essentials 8×21 model) and the highest is 50mm (as with the Essentials Tasco 10×50 binoculars).

Tasco Binoculars Review: Consumer Info

Here’s a look at some more info you’ll need before deciding on whether or not to buy Tasco binoculars.

Price Range

Tasco binoculars are great for two reasons:

  • Superiorly designed products
  • Cheap prices

The cheapest model you’ll find in the Tasco lineup costs a mere $9 (the Essentials 8×21 binoculars). The most you’ll ever spend on a pair is just over $250 for the Offshore 7×50 binoculars, which comes with a compass and rangefinder.

Warranty Info

Tasco’s warranty system is a little confusing because of the fact that this company was purchased by another in 2002. Every pair made after 2002 comes with the full product warranty, while others are a little vaguer in their offered coverage. Consumers aren’t too terribly upset by the puzzling warranty info because these are such low-priced binoculars. If they were more expensive, people might be up in arms over the confounding nature of Tasco’s warranty system.

Tasco Binoculars: Consumer Reviews

For an even better idea of how these products really work, let’s take a look at what actual consumers have had to say about Tasco binoculars.

Consumers like:

  • Very affordable
  • Super easy focus
  • Ergonomic design
Consumers don’t like:

  • Great for beginners, but a little too low-tech for professionals
  • Poor quality neck straps
  • Some models are far too heavy

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