Best Zeiss Binoculars: Reviews of Zeiss Classic & Victory Binoculars

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The best Zeiss binoculars are among the top rated optics in the industry. Learn why with reviews of Zeiss Classic, Conquest, Compact & Victory binoculars

Zeiss optics was founded in the university city of Jena, Germany in 1846 by Carl Zeiss.

Mostly famous for their innovations in the technology of film and camera lenses, Zeiss used its experience with those fine products to craft some of the best working (and perhaps most expensive) binoculars for sale today.

The company was split when Germany was divided in the aftermath of World War II. The dual companies were run by different infrastructures, creating different products, and researching their own innovative ways to advance optics technologies. In 1990 the two halves merged back into one Zeiss corporation, combining their assets and wares into a single entity again–and found itself on the forefront of the sports optics industry.

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Best Zeiss Binoculars: Reviews of Popular Models

Zeiss binoculars are no slouches in the optics industry, offering a wide array of top-of-the-line products for a variety of activities. Here’s a quick overview of four of the most popular Zeiss series.

Zeiss Conquest Binoculars

Legends in the sightseeing community, Zeiss Conquest binoculars are made with the highest-end optical performance and tough construction. Add in great ergonomic comfort and you have one of the best binoculars ever made. Some of the best Zeiss compact binoculars can be found in the Conquest family.

Zeiss Victory Binoculars

The Victory lineup offers the maximum field experience for hiking, fishing, wildlife study, and hunting. The Victory line are the lightest and smallest models, making them the most portable Zeiss binoculars. They are best suited to the time-honored practice of bird-watching.

Zeiss Classic Binoculars

Every pair of Zeiss binoculars is destined to become a classic. But the Zeiss Classic binocular series are designed in the same timeless design & construction style as classic-style binoculars. You know, the kind you see in decade-old National Geographic magazines. These are top-notch birding binoculars with advanced lenses, prisms, and coatings.

Zeiss Diafun Binoculars

The Diafun models of Zeiss binoculars are perfect for low-light viewing. At dusk or dawn, in twilight or no light, the Diafun series will keep you seeing clear, clean, and far away.

Focus on Zeiss Victory Binoculars

The competition that exists between manufacturers of bird-watching binoculars is widespread and fierce, but according to several expert organizations, Zeiss’ Victory line has emerged as the best of the best birdwatching binoculars.

The Victory series is officially broken down into three different categories:

  • Rangefinder – Great in the field, the Rangefinder binoculars are ideal for hunting trips.
  • Compact – Perfect for carrying in your pocket, purse, or knapsack.
  • FL – Crafted with advanced LotuTec lens coating for the best in brightness, contrast, and resolution.

If you are looking for the cream of the crop in design, optics, and maximum comfort, Zeiss Victory binoculars are your products of choice.

Many of the Victory binoculars also offer these fine features:

  • Waterproof construction
  • Large Field of View areas
  • Comfortable twist-up eye cups

Because there are so many models available in the Victory line, the range of magnification levels and objective lens diameters varies greatly. The magnification and objective lens information can be found in the name of the pair of binoculars you’re looking at (for example: 10×42). The number to the left of the X is the magnification, either fixed or zoom, and the number to the right of the X is the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters.

So, according to our example of the Victory 10×42 binoculars, this model will enlarge a view 10 times bigger than its natural state and carry an objective lens with a diameter of 42 mm. Bigger objective lens diameters let in more light and allow for much cleaner and more vivid views. However, that means they’re larger, heavier and more difficult to lug around.

The lowest magnification level you’ll find with Zeiss Victory binoculars is 7x in the Victory FL 7×42 model. The highest you’ll come across is 10x, as featured in several models, including the Victory FL 10×56 T.

As far as objective lens diameters go, you’ll find the smallest in the Victory Compact 8×20 T (20 millimeters) and the largest in the Victory FL 8×56 T (56 millimeters).

A great series for bird watching, hunting, or all around nature study, the Zeiss Victory binoculars line is a must-have for the ultimate sightseeing enthusiast.

Zeiss Binoculars: Range of Abilities

For a greater understanding of the true variety and unbeatable precision of Zeiss optics, check out this overview of the magnification levels, Field of View areas, and objective lens diameters offered.


The range of magnification levels for Zeiss binoculars goes from 7x to 15x. With the exception of the Conquest 12×45 High Power B T, almost every other model has a magnification level of 7, 8, 10 or 15x. The 7x model is the Victory 7×42 FL and the 15x model is the Conquest 15×45 High Power B T.

Field of View

Field of View (or F.O.V.) is important to consider when you’re buying binoculars. The F.O.V. is the area of vision (in feet) you can see from standing 1,000 yards away from your view. The low end of the F.O.V. spectrum comes in at 192 feet with the Conquest 15×45 High Power B T and the high end features a Victory 7×42 T FL model with an F.O.V. of 450 feet. This is a pretty standard range in the sports optics industry.

Objective Lens

Models in the Zeiss Victory FL line have the largest objective lens diameter with 56mm, as featured with the Victory FL 8×56 T. Both the Victory and Conquest series have binoculars with an objective lens diameter of 20mm (including the Victory Compact 8×20 T). The spectrum ranging from 20mm to 56mm is fairly common in the binocular market.

Zeiss Binoculars Review: Consumer Info

Wait! Before you run out and buy a pair of Zeiss binoculars, take the time to read up on some important information regarding prices, warranties, and consumers opinions.

Price Range

This is where potential consumers may run into a bit of a problem. Zeiss binoculars are world-class products and they come at a premium price.

The cheapest pair of Zeiss binoculars will cost you $400 (the
Conquest 8×20 B T) and the top-of-the-line model will run you $3,000 (the Victory 10×45 RF). If you are on a tighter budget, but would still like the benefit of these great products, consider buying them used or at discounted prices.

Warranty Info

The Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty on Zeiss binoculars is only valid for purchases made in North America from an authorized dealer. It allows you to send in damaged binoculars (only manufacturer errors, not accidental mishaps) to be repaired or replaced for a small fee.

This is definitely a better deal than with some other brands (like Steiner binoculars or Alpen binoculars) because it can be passed onto a new owner if you buy them used. But it still isn’t nearly as forgiving as the No Fault warranties offered by Nikon binoculars and Celestron binoculars.

Zeiss Binoculars: Customer Reviews

To get a true sense of how Zeiss binoculars perform, here’s a taste of what actual consumers have had to say about the good news and bad news associated with these products.

Consumers like:

  • Incomparable optics
  • Amazingly comfortable
  • Superb focus
Consumer don’t like:

  • Very expensive
  • Not very lightweight
  • Limited warranty

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